Cookie Policy

What are Cookies?

 Cookies are very small data files which are stored on your computer in a location which is standardized by your computer’s operating system. Most websites make use of cookies to store non confidential information about your visit to their site. This information can be retrieved when you visit the site again and can work both to your and the website’s benefit.


The website may make use of third party cookies, which assist them in analyzing their site, like Google Analytics. Google Analytics is used by many websites to assist them with visitor info which assist them in improving their website.


Please look up “HTTP Cookies” in the Wikipedia site or contact us if you want to know more about Cookies.


What Info do we Store in Cookies?

 Although not exclusive, here is some info typically stored in a cookie file:

  • Certain preferences you might have selected when you visited the site.
  • The size of monitor you use.
  • The size setting on your monitor.
  • What type browser you are using (like Chrome, Firefox, etc.)
  • Did you arrive to the specific site through specific advertisement links or partner links.
  • In which country you are located. This info is linked to your computer’s IP address which is also stored.
  • The time you spent on the site.
  • Which pages you visited and how long you spent on each page.


For what Purpose is the Info Used?

 As you would have noticed from the info stored, none of your private or confidential information is accessed or used by cookies.

 The information gathered is used to store your specific preferences when you last visited our site.

 It is further used, among others, by our site to:

  • Enhance your experience when visiting our site.
  • Make sure that our website is compatible with main stream browsers.
  • That it is configured to give you the best view for your display settings or at least the ones used most.
  • To confirm any potential financial claims from any of our affiliates for visitors routed from their sites.
  • To evaluate which of our marketing links are performing well.
  • To obtain a large variety of visitor statistics from third party info about our visitors, to ensure our info and offers are best suited for our visitors and our web pages are user friendly.
  • Stay on top of user needs and requirements and changes happening in the internet environment we need to stay abreast of.


Disabling Cookies

 There is software available which will block cookies, but as explained, the use of cookies, in the way we apply it, can in the end only work to our visitor’s advantage, while some of the cookie blocking software carries unwanted advertisement.


If you have any further questions or inquiries about our cookies or policy regarding the use of it, please feel to contact us at with  on cc.